How to Identify High-Quality Replacement Windows

It’s time to replace the windows in your home. However, whether or not you have worked with replacement windows before, identifying a quality product vs. one that will need to be replaced again in a year requires an awareness of certain characteristics. Custom window manufacturers provide the highest value for your money, so evaluate these options in your area.

The following tips can help you spot a quality window:

Visual Attractiveness

The look of your replacement windows is one essential factor. Windows are not just something you look through, but something you look at. The ones that appear to be most attractive and balanced have the same frame size all around their perimeter. Less appealing windows will often have a wide frame on the front, left, and top sides, with a narrow frame on the bottom. In addition, beveled frames tend to look much better than the often-cheaper box frames.

All good-quality windows will receive superior performance ratings. The “U” value on any windows you purchase should be .30 or less for cold weather and have a SHGC of .30 or less to protect your home from sweltering summer heat.

The Best Seals

Good quality replacement windows will include a super spacers seal, which is a multiple-part system that prevents air leakage between the glass panes. U design intercept spacers bend inward under pressure to prevent leaks. Stay away from rigid box metal spacers, which do not accommodate movement and can lead to drafts.


The highest quality replacement windows have a vinyl frame and multiple chambers. Fewer chambers means a weaker frame and less value for your investment. Foam can add insulation, but does not compensate for the structural integrity of multiple chambers.

The best windows integrate foam inserts with their many chambers. Internally-sloped frame design helps to provide water drainage, particularly important in climates with extreme winter and summer weather, where moisture comes in the form of snow, rain, and condensation. The sloped surface provides quicker drainage than a flat one, so excess moisture will not make its way into your home.

Best Edge Spacers

Windows that boast the highest energy efficiency have material, called spacers, between their two panes of glass that provide an air-tight seal. These “super spacers” provide warm edge technology that keeps windows warm around the edges to prevent condensation from seeping into your home. Aluminum is replaced with foam insulator, creating exceptional changes in both the energy performance of your windows and their ability to keep condensation out.

With replacement windows, you get what you pay for. Consider investing in custom windows, especially if you are looking for energy-efficient options and the style that best suits your home. Be sure to choose an industry expert, a company with years of experience who can walk you through every step of the process.