Top 6 Reasons People Divorce

It used to be that divorce was rarely ever considered. People fought through problems or simply swept them under the rug for the sake of more conservative social standards (and sparing children the grief). Working through relationship problems should always be attempted as long as the relationship appears salvageable. But, sometime the best result for everyone involved is an amicable separation. Here are some of the reasons marriages become irreconcilable.

1. Infidelity

In 2003, researchers from Penn State University sought out the top reasons people divorced. Not surprisingly, infidelity was number one. Cheating erodes trust on the most basic level. While some marriages can survive

2. Lack of Communication

Whether the couple didn’t communicate well in the first place, which obviously (isn’t a good idea) or marital problems are handled in stern silence, not expressing each other’s feelings only adds fuel to the fire.

3. Marrying for the Wrong Reasons

You’d think everyone marries for love, but unfortunately it’s not always the case. If you don’t marry for love, the reason it fails is obvious. Sometimes people love each other, but there are other powerful factors involved, such as social status and biological clocks. Those alone don’t make for lasting relationships.

4. Finances

One of the most overlooked aspects of a relationship is talking about, and agreeing on, how to handle the finances. This includes agreeing on financial goals and what’s an acceptable amount for discretionary spending. If one person is frugal while the other “lives life to the fullest” there are bound to be serious problems unless they are ironed out early.

5. Lack of Individual Identity

It’s important to be close, even inseparable (figuratively speaking). But both spouses need to have their own identity for a long and healthy relationship. It’s important accept and celebrate each other’s differences. Hobbies should be encouraged, especially if they don’t involve both spouses. It’s important to feel like an individual when you’re spending the rest of your life with someone else.

6. Growing Apart

“They grew apart.” It’s a cliche for a reason… because it happens. A lot. When you’re planning on being in a relationship forever, there’s the possibility that one or both of you may change, whether it’s values, needs, or interests. It’s one of the scenarios where hopefully both involved can feel at peace that no one is at fault if it results in divorce.