5 Important Things Responsible Drivers Should Carry with Them at All Times

Being a responsible car owner isn't just about getting regular oil changes and other essential auto maintenance — it’s about being prepared for emergencies on the road. You never know when something frustrating or dangerous can occur, and it’s best to be ready for the most common car problems. Here are five important things you should always have with you while you’re out on the road.

  • Jumper cables. It happens to everyone — you simply forget to turn your lights off when you leave your car, and your battery goes dead. It helps immensely to come prepared with jumper cables in case the person giving you a jump doesn't have them. Make sure your jumper cables are at least twelve feet long, and a six-gauge rating is fine for most cars.
  • A spare tire. Having a properly inflated and usable spare tire can save you from a dire situation, especially if your tire goes flat in the middle of nowhere. Always keep a workable spare tire in your car, and make sure you have the tools to accompany it such as a jack and a tire iron. Additionally, it’s important that you know how to use these tools in case of an emergency when there’s no one to help you.
  • Water. You never know when you’ll need extra water, whether it is for your overheating car or to stay hydrated while you wait for a tow truck. Always keep at least a gallon of drinkable water in your car.
  • A spare key. Even the most attentive people can lock themselves out of their cars, so if you don’t have a keyless entry code memorized, carry a spare key on your person — stash a spare key in your wallet or somewhere else easily accessible. It will save you time and money should the need arise.
  • The number of a qualified locksmith. In case you lock yourself out, it is smart to have the numbers of a 24-hour locksmith and tow truck company written down somewhere accessible, like your wallet, in case your phone dies while you’re out on the road.

Try to get everything together right away — this simple project shouldn't be something you put on the back burner, so get it done now and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll have once you know you’re prepared while on the road. Drive safely!


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