10 Charitable Music Artists and the Causes They Love

Some of your favorite famous musicians are not only incredibly talented and well known, they are also incredibly rich. With fame comes money and the attention of tabloid news, but some music artists are using their recognition and wealth to give back. Here are ten famous artists that donated their time and money to some great charitable causes.

1: Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has been in the news on a regular basis for her generosity and recently made the Forbes list of the 30 Most Generous Celebrities. She was said to have donated $625,000 to different charity organizations in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, with half a million of that going directly to Hands on Nashville for flood relief efforts.

2: Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson has founded several organizations that are devoted solely to environmental causes and he recently decided to give 100% of the profits of his upcoming tour to charity. Better yet, it’s not the first time he has done that.

3: Emmy the Great
This musician is actively involved in a variety of organizations and has been the public face of WaterAid. In 2011, she gave 10% of her album sales to the Enough Project, which is dedicated to ending genocide.

4: Emmylou Harris

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Ms. Harris organizes benefit concerts throughout the year to help raise money for Bonaparte’s Retreat, a shelter for dogs that local humane societies deem as unadoptable. To date, more than 200 dogs have been placed in homes through her efforts.

5: Moby
This group launched mobygratis.com which is a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers that can use select tracks from his discography for free so they don’t need to pay costly sync fees. If the projects do end up generating money, Moby donates any royalties to the Humane Society.

6: Foster the People
This band started Foster the Future, which is an organization that inspires young people to become volunteers at various places. One of the well-known initiatives is the “Do Good Bus” where 30 people gather in a bus and spend a day doing a service project somewhere.

7: Rob Thomas

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In 2003, Mr. Thomas and his wife started Sidewalk Angels Foundation, where they help fund no-kill animal shelters. The couple also works directly with organizations that deal with homelessness and childhood health.

8: Steve Earle
Steve Earle has worked closely with organizations to stop the death penalty. He has also raised money to benefit autism research, and has been active in donating to Vietnam veterans, Native Americans, Tibet, and much more.

9: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
BRMC is an American rock band from San Francisco. They have a list of nonprofits and special causes that they support. They recently supported the organization Not For Sale by partnering with them to raise money and awareness to stop human trafficking and slavery.

10: Paul McCartney:
Paul McCartney had been linked with Adopt-a-Minefield, an organization that raises funds and awareness to clear minefields in different countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. Money from the organization also goes to those who have been wounded or disabled by landmines.

Who’s your favorite charitable artist?

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