Daily blog 22 July 2015

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How to Prove ROI for social media

“Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming.” — Richard Branson

Top 10 Free Marketing Automation Tools

Do material improvements make people permanently happier?


Can You Control the Quality of the Product or Service You Sell?

Introducing the Happy Startup Canvas

“Password”, “123456”, “YourName” — Improving Security With Password Managers

7 Machine Learning techniques for Dimensionality Reduction

Is Big Data a Scam?

Sonavation has bonded 3D fingerprint sensors to Gorilla Glass — kiss the home button goodbye

Bitcoin Garden Daily News

Natural Language patents

Our first look at the OnePlus 2 comes from China’s regulator

The Metric Watched by Top Startup Growth Teams

Customer Success Starts at Sales Done Right

Life hacks powered by your mobile phone

Predictive policing: the brave new age of law enforcement analytics

On Twitter: Direct Message or No Direct Message

You get what you pay for: Why native ads are worth more

Java performance tutorial — How fast are the Java 8 streams?

Countdown to New Thinking: final awards call for 24 July deadline

12 Ways Marketers Can Improve Relationships With Journalists

Snag Your Ticket For PragueCrunch IV Now

Beware of phishing scams after the LastPass breach

New Google patent — Techniques for enabling or establishing the use of face recognition algorithms

Google+ Photos Drops The +, Transitioning Users To Google Photos On August 1st

Conor McGregor: How To Pack A Marketing Punch

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