If Facebook had to block every page that made mistakes like that, they would have to ban CNN…

I think what matters is the underlying intent. More so than the habit of making mistakes. Media outlets and the journalists they employ are not perfect, but when someone is intentionally attempting to wrongfully manipulate the public with flat out lies and misinformation, they shouldn’t be allowed to continue to operate with impunity.

I agree with your statement in regards to Facebook being a cesspool. Facebook is truly the vomit of the social web as far as I’m concerned. Besides all the hate speech, harassment, and fake news garbage that persists there, the platform is always trying to manipulate who and what we interact with.

Facebook doesn;t want its users to have any control over their social destiny. If they did, then Facebook wouldn’t be able to charge people money to get visibility for their content. Facebook is all about money and not about its users.

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