Screen Size Annoyances

Responsive design sometimes needs eyeballs

I saw this tweet:

The tagline is placed over the image below, rendering it unreadable

I know you’ve seen this before. You’ve taken care that your site is responsive and checked different sizes in Chrome via the emulation feature. Then when you visit the live site with an untested common resolution you see that an element neatly sits over something that renders it unusable.


These things are annoying, and they are solvable. At Oplerno we have solved it for most common cases, and in some outliers that we’ve noticed.

How? By generating screen shots during our integration tests. 1024x768

We’ve not just tried it on the standard desktop screen sizes, such as 1024x768, also on the screen sizes that tend to be supported by simpler or older phones, such as 320x480.

This has really improved the usability of our site, and our users have literally thanked us for improving their view.

By Daniël W. Crompton (@webhat), Director of Technology at Oplerno — a global institution empowering real-world practitioners, adjunct lecturers, professors, and aspiring instructors to offer affordable, accessible, high-quality education to students from all corners of the globe.

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