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Are you facing constant hair loss problems? Do you often notice fallen hairs on your shoulders and floor? To get rid of hair loss problems, you should buy generic Propecia online. Propecia known as Proscar contains constituent known as Finasteride. It is also known for the treatment of enlarged prostate.


The adult dosage of Propecia for males is 5 mg once daily to aid in narrowing an enlarged prostate. Propecia also heals the symptoms of frequent urination or difficulty in passing urine. For the therapy of hair loss, the standard dose is 1mg once daily at the same time. When you buy generic Propecia online, it will come as a film-coated tablet for an oral dose. It can be taken with or without food and with one glass of water.

If you buy Propecia 5mg online, it should be used by men only. Propecia should never be consumed by women or a child. The use of Propecia is advised for males above the age of 18 years. Proscar aids in accelerating new hair growth at the crown and in the middle of the head.
Finasteride should be taken on a daily basis to maintain hair growth

Constant use of Propecia has also shown decreased chances of prostate surgery. Buy Propecia 5mg online for more than three-month dosage to notice desirable effects. Before taking Propecia you must inform your doctor if you are suffering from the following disease.
(1)prostate cancer
(2)liver disease
(4)or urinary problems


Patients allergic to finasteride should not take this medicine. The use of Proscar tablets can increase the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore It is advised to have a blood test before taking Propecia medication. The use of Propecia is strictly prohibited by pregnant women as it can cause birth defects in an unborn baby.

Do not take extra medicine or double dosage, if you Buy Propecia 5mg online. The side effects are rare, however, some people might face common side effects like decreased sex drive, running nose, confusion, faintness. The less common side effects are itchy skin, weight gain or loss, bloating, tingling sensation.

The stoppage of the Propecia dose may lead to the reversal of hair gain in one year. Propecia tablets should be kept away from children packed in containers. keep it safely in a cool dry atmosphere. Throw away any medication that has crossed its expiry date or no longer needed.

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