Did You Know These Highly Popular Websites were Developed in AngularJs?

JavaScript (or JS) is powering up a good deal of websites and mobile applications nowadays. Even though there are multiple JS open-source platforms are available out there, AngularJS tops them all because of its potent features delivering more flexibility and control in your hands.

The world of internet is constantly shifting towards Web 2.0 apps. And it’s certainly a blessing in disguise for all the AngularJs web development companies in USA as AngularJS is the best platform to develop such apps.

We have enlisted some of the world’s most popular websites built on this platform. We believe that you might have visited some of these websites earlier but you will be amazed by finding out that they were developed in AngularJs. Here’s the list that worth a read:


World’s leading online payment facilitator PayPal’s website is developed in AngularJS. PayPal used to rule in developed countries a few years back. However, now it’s expanding its branches in third world’s countries.

2. Lego

You have probably heard about Lego, the leading manufacturer of toy building bricks as well as video games. If you ever have bought some of its games for your kids or have played it during your childhood than to your surprise, its website is also built in AngularJs.

3. Upwork

The grand asylum of freelancers and creative minds around the world, Upwork lets you work from your home if you are highly skilled in any IT field including SEO, digital marketing, content development, web development, and designing.

4. Netflix

If you are a United States citizen you have probably heard about Netflix unless you are living in the caves of Himalaya from the past decade. Being one of the Fortune 500 companies, Netflix streams HD movies and videos across American and a few first world countries. These kinds of websites are getting popular and thus a number of AngularJs web development services are opting for them.

5. YouTube for PS3

The biggest, the bulkiest, and the heaviest, YouTube is where people show their uniqueness through videos and creativity. YouTube for PS3 is an application owned by Google. It gets its power and speed in AngularJs framework.

6. Freelancer

Akin to Upwork, Freelancer is another online platform for skilled professionals to find work and assignments online. If you have a good hand in content writing, UX design, app development, and web development and looking for great deals, it’s the best option for you.

If the world’s leaders in different profiles are going for AngularJs for their websites, the usefulness of it, is certain.