iPage Coupons 2019

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iPage Essentials hosting has transformed the concept of shared hosting, and it is this service that we will concentrate on in this iPage review. While it might not have the same name recognition as other hosting providers, such as HostGator and GoDaddy, iPage has still established itself as a major industry player. Unlike its’ better known competitors, the company has refrained from using any cute advertising gimmicks or aggressive marketing campaigns, and instead focused its’ efforts on delivering cost effective and reliable unlimited hosting.



Features and Pricing

Established in the late nineties, iPage is one of a number of technology businesses run by the Endurance International Group. Endurance International also own Domain.com, Bluehost, SiteBuilder.com and HostGator. iPage has separated itself from the crowd, with its’ emphasis on a single plan for shared hosting. You don’t have to read through long comparison charts, carry out numerous cost calculations, or deliberate over the merits of different features — iPage assumes that its’ Essentials hosting plan, which is $2.75 per month over the first three years, then $11 per month upon renewal, will please virtually all customers.

This is a realistic expectation as well. In addition to its’ unlimited bandwidth and web space, Essentials also supports MySQL databases and unlimited email addresses and domains — which the majority of hosting companies class as premium features. Moreover, iPage includes a straightforward drag and drop web page builder, which is another feature that competitors usually reserve for premium account holders.

There is the normal one click installation of various applications like WordPress included, along with a shopping cart and shared SSL. Upon registration, you receive a domain free of charge for twelve months. Options for support include round the clock live chat, an online help center and telephone assistance, with toll free numbers in the US and UK.

There are many different functions here, so the plan provides excellent value for money. In particular, if you want to host several websites, or simply want some room to expand, this should be a good fit.

Reliability and Performance

In order to keep your business online, it is vital for your website to have a decent uptime percentage. Whenever your website goes down, it costs you money. There are a number of iPage review websites online, which have tracked the host’s uptime percentage in real time. Most of these websites report long term uptime percentages of over ninety-nine percent, which is what you would want to see from a reputable hosting company.

Indeed, it is generally acknowledged by online reviewers that, over time, iPage outperforms the majority of other hosting companies, with monthly averages for uptime rarely falling below 99.9 percent. Essentially, iPage should not have any negative impact on the performance of your sites.

Even better, the company’s severs are powered by totally renewable energy. These servers can load pages much faster than the average speed. Ths is why iPage is a top pick for dependable, high performance hosting.

Advertising Coupons and Other Perks

iPage offers the standard ad credits that other top hosting companies offer, however it is still a solid set of benefits. These perks include:

-Shopsite shopping cart software free of charge. This highly acclaimed software is user friendly and ideal for small and medium sized companies.

-A $100 voucher for Google Adwords, so you can begin marketing your website straightaway. In addition, you receive a $50 Bing and Yahoo Search Credit, a complimentary business listing in the Yellowpages, and a $50 credit for Facebook ads.

-Sitelock website protection service. This WordPress plugin allows you to identify and address malware problems and keep your website error free.

-Wordpress software. One click installation for WordPress is available, along with compatible servers.

iPage.com provides MySQL databases, which is perfect for people who work with CMS programs or applications that have to interact with MySQL. The comprehensive list of features keeps growing with unlimited space, as well as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting all from one account. If you want to manage a company involved with website hosting or host several websites, these are excellent benefits that will save you a considerable amount of money.

How iPage Compares to its’ Competitors

iPage Versus HostGator — Hostgator and iPage are renown for offering feature packed hosting options at an affordable price. Each company aims to appeal to new website owners, however iPage’s simple eCommerce setup, advertising assistance and website builders make it easy to get started. Having said that, HostGator is still a trusted company that uses tailored solutions and versatility to grow the websites of its’ customers, through the options of VPS, dedicated and shared hosting.

iPage Versus GoDaddy — These leading brands have a reputation for providing cost effective shared hosting that is easy to access. Also, GoDaddy and iPage provide options to expand with dedicated and VPS plans. It is virtually impossible to better their prices, and each company provides an extensive set of tools — like marketing credits, website builders, round the clock support and security monitoring.

iPage Versus eHost — eHost and iPage are the industry giants of easy to use, affordable website hosting, and are both endorsed by many online review websites. Each company offers fantastic server performance and features at competitive prices, and includes the customer support and marketing credits to facilitate the success of your website. If you want to expand your website beyond shared hosting though, only iPage offers dedicated and VPS options.

Final thoughts

iPage delivers a feature rich, excellent web hosting service, which is great value for experienced customers intending to host several websites. The free domain and website building tools it provides to kickstart your advertising efforts makes iPage an ideal choice for less experienced customers too. The company’s sophisticated applications are an original touch, and if you end up not warming to iPage Essentials, there is a thirty day refund guarantee. All in all, iPage is a solid performer worthy of a 5 star rating, and at $2.75 per month it is an absolute no brainer.