Top 5 Underrated Task Boards That Will Streamline Your Workflow

Oct 22 · 5 min read

Having a reliable task board at hand allows you to effortlessly cope with project management and streamline your team members’ activities. The secret lies in Kanban methodology, which is the base of the electronic task boards. This approach has proved itself as one of the most effective ways of facilitating the process of software development. The key point of this method is transparency for all team members. All their activities are in plain sight on a virtual board. In this case, it’s very easy to detect the weaknesses of the workflow and eliminate these problems straight away.

You can find plenty of task boards nowadays. Trello is known to be one of the best. It allows you to add a task and then just drag-n-drop team members who will be in charge of it. It’s possible to attach any files, hyperlinks, and checklists to the task card. Colour-coded labels allow you to see the task status immediately, e.g., denied, approved, or waiting for approval. Cards with expired deadlines are marked with a red icon showing the expiration date. The navigation is very intuitive. On the whole, everything looks very easy to understand. Hence, it doesn’t take much time to learn to use it.

Undoubtedly, Trello is great. Anyway, there are some alternatives to it. They may not be as functional as Trello but still have their strengths.

  1. Webix Kanban JS

Webix is a light-weight JavaScript UI library for alleviating web development. Webix task board has a light design and all the features needed in a tool for project management. This Kanban offers an opportunity to customize the card arrangement. You can place cards into a tabbed layout, organize them vertically or horizontally to achieve the best presentation of your project workflow. One of the main peculiarities of the Webix Kanban board is swimlanes. They allow you to visualize your workflow more effectively when you manage several teams working on different projects. You can divide tasks depending on what team is in charge of them. Webix also offers backend and frontend integration with popular platforms.

  • 99$
  • Available for free as part of any corporate license

2. Breeze

Breeze creators claim that they’ve built their task board with a simplicity principle in mind. This Kanban is so easy to use that almost anybody can start working with it straight away without any training. Breeze has all the basic features which allow coping with task management. The developers of the board admit that its design is minimalistic. There are almost no extra features. At the same time, Breeze has everything that allows taking care of a workflow.

Pricing plans:

  • $ 28 / month for freelance developers (up to 5 users)
  • $ 59 / month for small businesses (up to 12 users)
  • $ 129 / month for large teams (up to 30 users)
  • $ 249 / month (up to 60 users)

3. ZenHub

ZenHub is known to be a perfect fit if you work with GitHub. It’s been designed particularly for this platform. Thanks to this, developers dealing with GitHub can stay focused on their job instead of diverting their attention to third-party tools. ZenHub can also work independently via a special browser extension or as a standalone web app. On the whole, ZenHub is a user-friendly task board, with a capability to migrate data and integrate with other tools.

Pricing plans:

  • “Growth” for small teams ($60 user/year if a customer pays monthly or $50 user/year annually)
  • “Enterprise” for organizations ($149 user/year billed once a year).

4. Blossom

Blossom is a perfect choice when you have a scattered development team. This Kanban board makes work on the same project easier for programmers from different cities or even countries. Another advantage is that this Kanban can be effortlessly integrated with GitHub and several other platforms. Blossom provides full training, including online and in-person options. The task board also offers integrated performance analytics reports allowing you to track your team’s progress.

Pricing plans:

  • 22 $/month for teams of 5 developers
  • free trial periods for all versions

5. Taskworld

Taskworld is a Kanban board that provides programmers with a variety of tools for project and task management like time tracking, team messaging, and performance reports. There are lots of showcases on the website. The developers of Taskworld call them success stories. These are the articles about how the task board helped its customers translate their ideas into reality. What could be a better proof of this tool’s effectiveness?

Pricing plans:

  • $10.99/user/month for small teams
  • $21.99/ user / month for enterprises

Bottom line

Trello is surely the king of task boards, but there are several good alternatives offering integrations, analytics, time tracking, and other convenient tools for project management. You can also allow the peculiarities of your workflow to drive your choice. For example, if you work in a GitHub environment, you can rely on a task board that has a corresponding integration. Or when you have a distributed team located in different places, it would be wise to choose a task management tool that was designed right for this case.


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