Playing with iPhone screen sizes

Trying to predict Apple’s bigger phone

So Rene Ritchie got me thinking about the possibility of bigger screen sizes for the iPhone.

He makes a good point on increasing resolution, but honestly I don’t think Apple needs to go anywhere beyond 2X already, at least on the iPhone where the resolution is 326ppi.I would make the iPad also 326ppi but that’s another story (battery life issues, and so and so).

So here’s what I figured out.

Basically I think somewhere around 4.5 to 5 inches are the best sizes for a phone and I wanted to focus on that range. I made the math for both the 16/9 current resolution and for a potential return to 3/2 resolutions:

Here it is:

Badass math area.

After seeing this I can bet Apple will go with a 4.5 inches 16/9 iPhone with full resolution of 720p (1280x720).

Or if they go nuts and figure out the hardware constrains they can go full HD 1080p at that same size @4x with a resolution of 652ppi (but hey, this one is nuts to consider).

Anyway I guess we’ll have to wait for a year to see if I nailed it, or not. iPhone 6, I’m looking at you.

UPDATE: A rumor that puts my theory in the ballpark at least.