My reaction to CJR’s “Why aren’t there more minority journalists?”

I was advised by friends and colleagues not to read the piece, mainly because it states what diverse communities already knew… for decades.

While I do applaud a Ph.D. student for focusing on the lack of diversity in newsrooms, these two lines are what makes me shake my head at the industry:

“The number of minorities graduating from journalism programs and applying for jobs doesn’t seem to be the problem after all.”
“The problem is that these candidates are not being hired.”
No shit.
As sad as it may sound, you all should already know this.
As a professor at a diverse university, I know my students are qualified. We have qualified women and people of color applying for jobs and not getting hired. We know.
We don’t need a PhD.
We need leadership to take the steps to commit to diversify newsroom.
Stop hiring people that look exactly like yourself. That seems pretty obvious.

I wrote this Medium piece last year: There is no pipeline problem. Chances are you are the problem.

And I and other diverse colleagues created The Journalism Diversity Project.

No more studies are needed to point out the industry is not diverse.

No more excuses.

Do something. Hire diverse people.