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Paying Guest Accommodation is a room in a flat or house. It is rented out to stay for a short time or long time . Paying guest is suitable for students , working professionals and especially for ladies. Several people stay in Best paying guest accommodations because they are provided with a comfortable stay along with all other required facilities like proper home cooked food, laundry everything. All you need to do is inquire the local people, your friends and most commonly used method is online research.

However, suddenly everything in Bangalore changed, with the sudden growth of the IT sector. More and more job hunters came to Bangalore with the intention of staying for a long time. Hostels ,hotels and independent flats did not fit the bill perfectly, as there were disadvantages in each of these .Further it was not enough to accommodate the thousands of youngsters who descended on Bangalore . The idea worked and more and more people started renting out rooms with or without food. This then was the beginning, but it has now become quite a high profitable business in Bangalore.

Various types of Best paying guest accommodations are available in Bangalore. For those who require accommodation on a limited budget, there are rooms available on sharing basis .If the rent is not a problem then single rooms with bath attached are available .For those who are used to luxuries there are five star like rooms available. Food is also provided if it is required but at a higher cost .This culture has caught on, so much that even students prefer to stay as paying guests .

There is no trouble finding out about the availability of paying guest accommodation in Bangalore, because all information is available on the internet . Through Weblist Store we can find Best PG Accommodation in Bangalore. In fact if you look closely enough you will find information about the availability of paying guest accommodation in Bangalore even pasted on trees.