[weBloc Asia] Why weBloc went to Jeju

Dear supporters~!

Do you remember that team weBloc was preparing to establish weBlocAsia corporation in Jeju, South Korea?

It’s been a while, but we are pleased to announce the establishment of a corporation in Jeju Island!

weBlocAsia corporation established

If the blockchain project is carried out through overseas subsidiaries, it will be difficult to open a corporate account and lease office space as well as high corporate tax, labor costs and office rent. Team weBloc established weBloc Asia in Jeju Island in order to reduce the cost and time required for the procedure and to concentrate on the development of high-quality service. weBlocAsia has taken the first step toward realizing our vision of expanding our business to Asia by utilizing our accumulated digital marketing alliance and know-how in Korea.

Team weBloc

Then, why did weBloc decide to establish weBlocAsia in Jeju Island?

Prior to establishing a corporation in Jeju Island, Jun Hong, CEO of weBlocAsia, along with ICON DApp and other companies, had a discussion with the governor of Jeju Island and the Jeju Provincial Government officials about the future of the blockbuster industry in Korea. It was a practical discussion on how to develop the blockchain industry and the necessary regulations. Through this, we expect that realistic private-public cooperation will be possible if we do block-chain business in Jeju Island in the future. Also, since Jeju Island is an island, it is easy to control the entrance and exit so that it can reduce management problems from the financial aspect.

So, in September, Team weBloc went to Jeju Island for the workshop to share the vision of weBloc project with our establishment of weBloc Asia corporation and to strengthen teamwork.

Workshop in Jeju Island

We shared the current status and goals of each team, and after the idea meeting for better service development, we had time to listen to our vision from our CEO.

So far, you may worry that we worked too hard even in Jeju Island? Fortunately, I did not just work. Mt. Geumgang is also a diverse afterlife, and it has been supplemented with nutrition in Jeju’s restaurant and drawn a hopeful future.

After having seafood noodle, we attended <Upbit Developer Conference 2018> to share the latest issues and trends, networking.

<Upbit Developer Conference 2018>

I also watched the blue sea and looked up at the sea and had a networking time drinking tea with pleasant conversation with colleagues.


While everyone had a pleasant time, Jun Hong, CEO of weBlocAsia came back after changing his address and becoming Jeju citizens.

제주도민이 되신 대표님. 혼저옵서예.

Unfortunately, it rained throughout the workshop, team weBloc had no choice but to focus on the meeting. But the sky was so clear on the last day of leaving.

Blue sky of Jeju Island

After the establishment of the weBloc Asia corporation, Jun, our CEO, presented the Bluehouse National Petition <Korean Block Chain Special Zone Designation!> to find out how to grow the business and how to make the social value in the future. Just as the whole village is needed to raise one child, it is necessary for the whole country to cooperate to build an industry.

Although the cryptocurrency market circumstance is tough these days, LINE issued LINK for their cryptocurrency and launches block-chain-based services, and companies such as KAKAO and SK Planet are actively pushing for blockchain technology into existing technology-based services. So team weBloc thinks that the market is getting better with the available services.

Team weBloc continues to develop good service and with supporters.

[BusinessKorea] Jeju Seeking to Apply Blockchain to Public Administration

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