How to become freelancer?

Freelancing is very popular today. No meter what is your occupation, almost everybody can freelance. You can provide your service or your skills to others. You think it is hard? Just try and believe in yourself! You can do it s your primary and only job, but you can also do it as a bonus activity to increase your budget.

Here are my steps:

Find your Niche

Find out what can you offer to the others? Is it something from your profession or something else. It is easy if you are designer or programmer. Then you know what can you freelance, but do not worry if you are from the other profession. Maybe you can teach someone else online, or write blog posts, create and sell little stuff, etc.

Introduce yourself to the public

Get the website. I do not mean create it from scratch o pay to someone else to build it for you. No. Try to play with WordPress or It is easy and maybe you will learn a new skill. Besides the website make sure to get some visitors. Be social, use social networks, connect with other people from your niche, blog, etc and visitor will come. The main thing about your website! You will need 3 pages!

— Home — Introduction pages
 — Services page
 — Contact page

Go find work

Visit websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, 99Designs, etc. That is for the start.

Repeat those steps and keep improving yourself all the time. Because freelancing also means: Persuasion and Negotiation. You have to find clients, talk to them and get them. And the most important, to keep them if they are good!