20% bounce rate and 65% conversion? Results of the first Wiozi campaign and figuring out the next step

We enjoyed a lot the euphoria of our first campaign, the first intentional pivot of Wiozi but then having it finished we could spend some time with the evaluation of the results.

The campaign

So, this is the story: A chain of five female dress shops in Budapest wanted to generate newsletter subsribers from Facebook followers. They had 20 thousand on the toal and 6 thousand of them were active. The idea was to create a lottery where one subscribers wins one out of 5 dresses promoted in the campaign. The lottery was shared in their newsletter and their Facebook page. When clicking on the action button user got directed to play the Wiozi selection game, which was 4 clicks to choose their favourite dress out of the 5 images. She had to submit her email address to subscribe to the newsletter and thus confirming her participation in the lottery (even if she had been subscriber already).

The figures

2665 users clicked on Wiozi from the newsletter or Facebook. 2111 of them finished the game (-500 users / 20 % bounce). 10% of the plays were made by returning visitors (probably for increasing their chances?) so we had roughly 1900 unique players. 1440 of them signed up with e-mail address. OK, a good part of them were already subscribers, so loyal to the brand, but still, they took time. And 45% came from Facebook, so about 650 new subscribers were earned above the existing 20,000.

Lessons learned

It is hard to evaluate the figures because the client hasn’t made similar campaigns before and we do not have other experience. But this is what Géza said when learning the raw numbers: “65% conversion? Big number. I haven’t heard such a big number for a quite a while… At all… In this profession :)” Next time we’ll need definite control numbers. Probably some professionals out there have control numbers but we do not know them, yet.

But that is not the point. The point is that the team learned the joy of serving a mass of users and experiencing the rapid and direct feedback from the client. I hope this gave them more confidence, which will bring stronger commitment and more flexibility to work on this side project and get effectively further with our problem/solution experiments.

What is next? Not sure but nothing to change on the product at the moment

We may repeat this experiment with Géza and try to create a pricing together. We may find similar businesses and make experiments with them. Or we might find a marketing agency and work with them on the next steps for the benefit of a client of them. If they see the value of Wiozi.

Very important: we do have a lot of development ideas but we won’t do anything with the product before having the commitment from a partner in the next experiment.