Pivoting Wiozi unintentionally

Yesterday Gergő went to a shoe store with family. While he was waiting for the others to choose and try on he started to play. He shot photos of shoes with his phone to create a Wiozi and check if it was working for him. He did not notice that a woman was curiously watching him. After a while she stepped to him and asked what he was doing. Gergő briefly explained the concept of Wiozi. “I like this! I have been in trouble for too much time with choosing a pair of shoes as I cannot decide. Let me give a try.” Gergő helped her a bit and shortly the nosy lady’s first Wiozi was ready for play and choose. Couple of seconds later she was on her way to the clerk with a satisfied smile on her face and with a shoe box in her hands.

And now we have a new direction to work on and a new target market. We are going to give this a try in the next three weeks and measure how it works.