Immerse in an ultimate Balinese experience

Bali is enchanting. On one side, it presents the beauty of nature with scenic mountains and beautiful beaches and on the other, a warm and friendly population, religious sites and a vibrant culture. A visit to this famous island of Indonesia is an experience to cherish forever.

Bali has long been a favourite destination for all types of travellers across the globe and is flocked by thousands of tourists every year. Magnificent beaches, lush greenery, pristine natural beauty, interesting culture and religious attractions are a fascination that is absolutely indescribable in words. People of all ages can have a great time here with friends or family. If you are looking for a perfect escape from the usual city life, plan your Bali holidays for a relaxing experience.

A variety of Bali tour packages are available for you to choose from. Depending upon the number of days of your stay, you can plan your itinerary and choose your package accordingly.

Uluwatu Temple:- This beautiful temple is one of the six temples that are considered as the spiritual pillars of Bali. It sits on a steep cliff, 70 metres above sea level. Besides its religious significance, the breathtaking surroundings are yet another reason that account to its fame. People visiting the temple should definitely catch up with the spectacular sunset sights from this location. The temple is also an epitome of Balinese architecture and ancient sculptures.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud:- The green stretches of paddy fields are a treat for the eyes. The rice terraces on the sloe across the valley offer a soothing picture to nature lovers and all others. These fields are also famous for the subak which is the traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system.

Kuta Beach:- This popular beach is famous for its range of fun activities and a great party scene. There are cafes and pubs for all budget types. It is loaded with numerous accommodations, dining and shopping options.

Besakih Temple:- Bali is a spiritual place and Besakih Temple is a great attraction for pilgrims. It is one of the biggest temples on the island that lies perched on the southwestern slopes of Mount Agung at 1000 metres above the sea level. The scenic paddy fields, mountains, valleys, rivulets and streams surround the temple complex adding to its divine beauty.

Sanur Beach:- Located in southeast Bali, this beach is popularly known as “Snore Beach” as it is frequented by older visitors. Numerous historic sites and the Le Mayeur Museum are the other highlights in its vicinity.

Nusa Lembongan:- Nusa Lembongan is a small island and a popular day-trip destination from Bali. It is particularly famous for its beaches especially the Mushroom Beach. Many of its areas are famous diving and snorkelling sites as the waters offer a diverse marine life. Surfing is yet another popular adventure sport here. Book Beach holiday in Bali and discover the city better.