How Mobile App Engagement Can Be Driven?

With the ever increasing number of businesses, more mobile applications are being created as a crucial part of their mobile marketing programs, to make a direct reach to the customer and pitch how exactly they can play a vital role to make the lives of their users more convenient. However, when your app fails to attract people you need to contemplate the reasons behind and come up with the more innovative approach. The following are some of the tips that can really help you build a strategy to increase your mobile app engagement:

A Great First Impression Lasts Long
One of the biggest mistakes that most of the marketers commit is to overlook the ‘first use’ scenario. An app with an attractive, but simple design further topped with fetching instructions, placeholders and other attributes that assist people open it and start using makes a memorable impact on users. Every part of the app has to be designed keeping the interests of users in mind. Nevertheless, brands can put tutorials to their apps in a pinch.

Constitute a Community

Content, even for an app, is very essential; therefore, each part of content in an app should target the social significance, which clearly denotes the ease of sharing, like on the key social platforms. It should also allow users to put their views and content on the app. Such kind of exposure gives users a reason to visit the app time and again.

Offering True Utility and Value

There are two categories of all good apps; genuine utility and entertainment. Marketers that use their mobile apps as a platform that shows the same info published on their website are actually doing themselves disservice. On the other hand, brands have to give their targeted audience a reason to keep visiting their app.

Use Push Notification for Engagement

Businesses must use push notifications as a key tool to increase the user engagement via text, pictures, videos or external link that takes users to special landing pages-based on user segmentation and the use of your mobile app. For instance, one of the social sites notifies their users stating that connect with your friends and see what they are up to recently that you have missed.

Boost the User Experience in Real-Time

Being a retailer you have much to do using your app than simply offering your customers the ability to buy items or just go through the items on their smartphones. One of the ideas to keep them engaged is to provide them with the access through that they can access the detailed product info when they scan QR codes on their product labels and packaging, since the detail provided on the label is often very little.


The aim behind launching an app has to be fulfilled and you, as a marketer, must push yourself to make it happen as apps are being considered one of the most vital pillars on which businesses at present are dependent largely.