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Have you ever tried to calm your anxious mind? Has it taken you long to succeed? — Following the contemporary specialists’ point of view, the ability to relax the body is an essential step to learning to calm the mind in stressful situations. In general, breathing is an automatic process for humans. As a rule, we do not control it. However, our breathing rhythm changes significantly, when our body feels anxiety or stress. We start to breathe much faster, and this process is called scientifically hyperventilation. It causes the person to inhale more oxygen than he or she needs. …

Have you ever thought about what happiness means? — As a rule, modern men and women define it as a set of positive emotions, which makes their life much better, filling it up with bright colors. However, what about the research that contradicts everything you have thought before? Are you ready to try something new and quite the opposite? Today we are going to represent some negative emotions that may be included in the happiness definition.

Following the professional point of view, modern people may feel happier when they get the emotions they wish, even if those feelings are negative…

Quarantine plays a key role in preventing the spread of infection. The Coronavirus outbreak has made people to use social distancing as it’s a necessary way to contain the spread of the disease and keep people healthy.

Obviously, changing regular routine is not that easy. Quarantine made people change their lifestyles in a dramatical way. For sure, it may be stressful for most of us. Thus, it’s essential to take care of your mental health now.

First of all, you should be aware of psychological effects of Coronavirus Quarantine. According to the surveys, people commonly experience the following emotions: fear…


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