Product Hunt’s Response to Accusations of Exclusivity is to Increase Exclusivity
Max Woolf

Product Hunt has basically become *the* Silicon Valley echo chamber, in a way that’s dangerous to early stage startups. Not surprising they’re drinking their own Kool Aid.

A small group of people with very similar notions of ‘cool’ decide which new startups get to the top. Those startups leverage their exposure to raise money — thinking all along that getting to the top of PH is a good thing, when it’s actually a handicap. Product Hunt has focused them on optimizing for what the Valley wants, which is not necessarily what their market wants. Granted, lots of things on PH are Valley centric, but an upvoter is not the same thing as a long-term customer.

The smart ones use Product Hunt to jumpstart their way to bigger markets, but it’s way too easy for most to stay stuck building more things that makes them ‘Valley cool’. Seems like Product Hunt is going down the same path.