The next major version of the very popular PWA helper library was just released. Workbox 4 brings many interesting additions to the existing modules and only a few minor breaking changes. Also, it ships one totally new module called workbox-window, to fulfil the need of developers in a simple and powerful way to register the service worker, to hook into its lifecycle, and to provide a bi-directional communication channel with the app. This is the first module of Workbox to be used in the window context, i.e. in our application’s (not service worker’s) code.

Let’s explore this new module to…

I had a section with the explainer of Background Fetch API in many of my PWA slidedecks I presented during the last 12 months. It’s in “Upcoming Features” chapter of my “Advanced Service Worker” session, and I only introduced the basic concept and had some code on the slides. The late evening before the day of my talk at HolyJS conference I decided to check the state of this promising API at and in Chrome Canary (I love to report all the latest statuses during my sessions) and… I didn’t sleep much that night — I found the latest…

Announcement: I present about Angular Service Worker this Tuesday, November 7 at AngularConnect conference in London. If you wish to follow me at the live video stream, please mark your calendars: 11:20 am, GMT (right after the keynote), the main stage.

There is some time left since the first part of this article was published, and this pause was taken intentionally — the functionality was ready to practical usage only after a few more Release Candidates since the initial appearance. Now the Angular 5 release is here, and Angular Service Worker (hereafter NGSW) is ready for being explored.

We are…

Announcement: There is “Part 2: practice” of this article is available.

As a “UIs for the future” engineer I love to experiment with the newest versions of frameworks, libraries, APIs — everything connected with web front-end development. Angular and Progressive Web Apps separately work perfectly for me in that sense, because of constant development, updates, changes (sometimes the breaking ones), but their combination is a just explosive mixture.

Let’s explore the direction which Angular team took in their movement to progressive web apps. …

My 2017 in numbers

Design artifacts created by human beings are everywhere. They surround us all the time if we want this or not. And I’m not only about visual stuff like logos, signboards, shields, and not only about different kinds of UI (graphical, voice etc). Service design is something we interact with many times throughout the day.

All the different scenarios we use to register on the website, fill the tank on gas station, order a pizza, online and offline, are architected by someone (intentionally or not). Obviously: smooth flow of all the small actions included in this service is good for all…

This is a set of 5 articles dedicated to creating PWAs using the newest framework and library mentioned in the header. We start from PWA essentials and move to more sophisticated features. The code for all 5 parts is ready and pushed to the repo I mention below, master branch)

Part 1: App shell. This resource

Part 2: Runtime caching. Soon

Part 3: Broadcast channel. Soon

Part 4: Background sync. Soon

Part 5: Push notifications. Soon

The web apps we call “progressive” today will be the regular ones in the nearest future. Create React App generates PWA by default, Angular…

Partnering with relevant local and international conferences is a very good idea for your usergroup. Let me share my ideas, and give some advice, based on my personal experience (I run three large meetups and two conferences in Nordics).

Why is it valuable for my community?

Help your people to broaden the horizon by finding the hidden gems — excellent tech events they’ve never heard about. Keep them updated about important milestones: CFP deadline, start tickets sales, etc. Finally, provide a ticket price discount (sometimes quite noticeable) or even some free tickets to your members. Have a closer look at the conference websites (again, here and after…

Maxim Salnikov

Oslo-based cloud and web front-end geek. Azure DevRel @ Microsoft. Google Dev Expert in Web. Public tech speaker & trainer. Mobile Era & ngVikings confs founder

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