What I learnt designing and managing the Sharpsend app project.

Sharpsend provides a modern solution to making payments with your mobile phone by leveraging existing USSD solutions to improve the user experience while making the transactions without requiring the internet.

How I designed and built Design Plate from Idea to launch.

What’s Design Plate?

Design Plate is a handpicked collection of tools and resources for designers.

Why I built Design Plate?

I designed and built this project myself when I noticed that some designers usually reach out to me about needing resources they can use to learn UI/UX design and discovered that I usually send them the same resources I bookmarked in my folder all the time.

So, the Idea of publicly keeping all the resources and links to tools/courses in one place so as to make it available for…

A proof of concept of an idea about a platform that instantly converts your airtime into cash.


A lot of people usually make the mistake of buying a large amount of airtime instead of transferring which results in them finding vendors that they can sell the airtime to.


A platform for smartphone users to instantly convert their airtime into cash and withdraw into their various bank accounts respectively.

Looking at existing platforms, I noticed some features that need improvement and how they can serve their users better.

The Proposed Features

1. Remove login/signup bearer: I noticed that most of this platform requires users…

Stuass (Student as a service) is a platform that connects student entrepreneurs to potential employers or side jobs.

This was a project submitted as part of the Developer Student Clubs’ Solution Challenge 2020.


Stuass (Student as a service) is a platform that connects student entrepreneurs to potential employers or side jobs.

It’s a job board website where companies can post jobs to be applied for by students, and companies can as well hire students based on their profile.

Objective & Goals

Our goal is aimed at solving the problem of job search for student freelancers who are actively looking for work to do…

TeleportHQ is a visual development platform that enables anyone to create high fidelity prototypes visually, generate the code in real-time, and deploy to a live server in one click of a button.

In this tutorial, you will learn about how the TeleportHQ Wireframe editor works and how you can create high-fidelity wireframes from hand-drawn sketches.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Wireframe Editor
  • Creating a User Interface from a hand-drawn wireframe.


The Wireframe editor in TeleportHQ uses vision API that enables you to upload your hand-drawn wireframe or sketches and build your project user interface in the free form editor.

The layout…

A membership site is a part of your online business that is protected and some specific content can only be accessed through member login/sign up page.

In this article, you will learn about the tools you can use to build a membership site for your online business.


TeleportHQ is a platform that enables you to create high fidelity prototypes visually, generate the code in real-time based on your preferred target platforms, and deploy your user interface with a click of a button.

In this article, you will learn about the fundamentals of TeleportHQ, how to navigate the entire platform, and how to build a landing page visually in TeleportHQ.


  • What is TeleportHQ?
  • The technology behind TeleportHQ.
  • How to navigate the TeleportHQ platform.
  • Building a simple landing page from a Figma design in TeleportHQ.
  • Exporting the generated code to CodeSandbox.
  • Publishing your project from TeleportHQ to Vercel.

What is TeleportHQ?


Product Designers and front-end developers are working on two different islands, speaking two different languages and doing two things to achieve the same goal of a product.

Relate is focused on making designers and developers work together and collaborate on the platform at the same time in a single source of truth.


  • What is Relate?
  • Why you should use Relate?
  • Features in Relate
  • How to use the hover state effect in Relate
  • How to build dynamic button components in Relate
  • Other cool things in Relate?

What’s Relate?

Relate is a visual development environment for designing digital products visually. It outputs beautiful, semantic…

As designers, we all need a place to get design examples so as to be inspired to craft new ideas out for new design projects.

Finding design inspirations also helps to become aware and stay updated with the latest design patterns and design trends.

In this article, you will learn about these sites you can get design inspirations from to help you create new ideas for your design projects.


Adalo is a browser-based platform that enables anyone to build apps as easy as making a slide deck. It gives you the power to design, build, and launch awesome apps all by yourself.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the basics of Adalo, its layouts, and how it works.


  • Introduction to Adalo
  • How to get started
  • Navigations in Adalo
  • Using a web-view component in Adalo

Introduction to Adalo

With Adalo, you can easily create an awesome design for your app using the drag-and-drop components or create your own using the layout tools.

It gives you the ability to add custom interactions, actions…

Soliudeen Ogunsola

Product Designer — Building designplate.xyz. Passionate about making tools accessible for Creative Minds 👉 https://twitter.com/WebMaye

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