10 things to do in 🇩🇰 Copenhagen

Tips for tourists who have come not just to look at the Little Mermaid.

  1. Use AirBnB, not Booking.com. You will save 2 times, even if you do not cook at home.
  2. Buy products in supermarkets Fakta, Aldi and Netto, if you want to save.
  3. Visit the beach next to the station Klampenborg.
  4. Near the beach in Dyrehaven, but only on weekdays, when few people, find deer walking nearby.
  5. Buy rejeskard and use it everywhere when traveling, so it’s quite a lot to save and simplify your life when buying train tickets.
  6. Directly at the airport at the baggage claim, get a Lebara SIM card for 49 CZK. So, you can immediately call Uber.
  7. Use Uber — the best, without pathos, service on order.
  8. Walk along the promenade near the park of Tivoli.
  9. Go through the campus of Copenhagen University.
  10. Lie on a lounger next to Ordrup Musem.