These 10 applications : I don’t want to live without!!

Working in a IT company I test lots of applications everyday. But if someone asks me that I have to use my smartphone with 10 applications only then it will certainly make my life messy but I guess I can.

So this is my list as per my work profile. I use Gmail and Drive more often than I use WPS Office naturally. If the limit was more than 10, I would have gone for News Application, ES File Explorer, Google Keep, Adobe Reader, Google Calendar, TED and Kindle App as I don’t own Kindle Paperwhite YET!!

So if I don’t include inbuilt applications and any of the Google App then I will go for these applications.

These are application without which I can live but I just don’t want to. You can add yours in comment.

P.S. The links I have given is for Android. Almost all applications are available on iOS as well.

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