A Whole New Life

November 10, 2014. 3 days after the “do not fall in love” date

I am now focussing on changing my life for the better. I’m tired of being drained and disappointed. Change is in my power. What can I do? I need concrete, action steps. Here’s my brainstorm:

I cannot work 2 jobs anymore. I have no free time. No relationships, no friends and I’m not parenting. This is not the life I want to lead.

What do I want? I want time to hang out with friends. I want to live in a place that people want to come hang out. I want to invest in those relationships. I want to visit/see my family more and invest in those relationships. Maybe I need to move back to Texas, I dunno.

I know I don’t want to be at KCC anymore. I’ve known that for a long time now. I gotta find something else.

I want to have a job/skills that enable me to pay more than the bare minimum of bills. I’d like to fix my car when it breaks, I’d like to buy new clothes without guilt. I’d like to take a real vacation with my kids before I lose them to their own lives. I’d like to ultimately have the flexibility to work from home so that I can travel as a lifestyle. I mean, that’s a perk of being single, right? If I have to live alone and not have sex, then dammit, I want to do that anywhere that strikes my fancy. A cabin on a mountain in Colorado? Yes, please. Or a stint in NYC? Absolutely. Eventually, I’ll settle, maybe in Texas to be near my brother & his fam or my cousins and their families or near where the kids land.

Also, I want to get into gaming again. I LOVED that. I miss that. My guild misses me. In order to do that, I need money for new gear and I need free time.

In order to make all that happen, I need to start making some definite changes to my world. Here’s the thought process:

What I can do right now:

  • Give Sanders notice. I won’t shaft them, I’ll totally work until they find a replacement. But once I’m down to just one job, I’ll have time in the evenings to work on certifications/education/finding a new job.
  • Talk/brainstorm with Jim about KCC possibilities (this expands beyond what Mike thinks, btw) (11/11 @ 9:30am) — 11/11 Update — OK, that went CRAZY well. He suggested that I might be the right person to LEAD THE DEPARTMENT. What? I might be the IT Director. What? I said I don’t have subject mastery — he said it didn’t matter. They need a leader, a manager, someone with pretty much exactly my skills. He asked me to pray about it. Called my bro, who was quite positive about it. He recommended that I read up to become familiar with ITIL — which is a kind of ‘standards’ book for IT departments. It’s for groups with bigger/more bureaucracy, but it will scale and give me a good understanding of things. I rented from Amazon Prime such a book and have started reading it.
    - 11/18 Update — Learned told me that Jim had a meeting with the IT guys and floated my name as possible manager to very positive response. Said there were concerns because I wasn’t an IT person, but that Jim had put it as an “upside down” management thing. I’d be there to fight for resources and vision so that they could do what needed to be done. According to B, this was received well by all
  • Talk/brainstorm with Curt at PCI about the same (11/11 @ 12:30p)
    Update: Went well. PCI has a Project Manager opening prolly in Jan that I’d be a great candidate for. He’ll vouch for me. Pays $50K with some light travel. 4 trade shows a year type thing.
  • Talk/brainstorm with Julie about it (Dell PM)
  • Talk/brainstorm with Jef
  • Work on A+ certification
    Bought study guide, in process
  • Work on moving away from production and into IT. I’d prefer to stay at KCC for this, but if that’s not possible, then begin seriously looking elsewhere with my A+ and my 8 yrs of project management…

Very near future

  • Get my CAPM (stepping-stone credential to attain PMP)

Next few years:

  • PMP certification

I texted B this morning and asked him to go to lunch with me. “It’s solidly a friend zone thing. I need your help,” I told him. He’s always been the one to help me brainstorm about things. He has great ideas and knows me, knows my skills, knows my heart. Plus he’s in IT… I just needed him as a resource. We were successfully able to do lunch and he was a great help in getting a real plan going. Lots of what is listed above were his ideas. There was no touching though. <sigh>

Ok. I guess we are going back to just being good friends. I can do that. Right? I mean, it was only 4 dates.

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