Why oh why?

Why do I want to do this?

I love to write. I want to get better at it. But the only thing I’m motivated to write about is myself and my feelings and my relationships, which makes me horribly selfish. I like to think it’s because I’ve never truly explored what I feel and why… my emotional growth has been completely stunted by this and I’m on an exploratory journey in this season of life. I want to figure out me so that I can be a better person and make better choices. I recognize that this will have limited large scale appeal. ☺ But hopefully as I learn from my own thoughts and feelings, there will be broader implications about humanity that I’ll sort out.

I do that through writing. I also want to get better and branch out, so I’ll use this to write a little bit every single day. I want it to be mostly anonymous so I can be completely free to say whatever without blowback into my real life. And I’ll share it with a trusted few friends. Maybe it will grow. Maybe it won’t. But here it is. I welcome comments about my content and style. If you see something about me that I’m not seeing, I want to hear it. If I’m not clear or my style makes understanding me difficult, I want to hear it. My goals here are: self-discovery and better writing. Help me!

Because I’m trying to tell a story — the story of me — and Medium won’t let me backdate items, I’ll be posting a bunch today to get ‘caught up’. I’ll put the ‘real’ dates at the top of the text so if you happen to drop by and want to start at the beginning, the whole story is there, just scroll to the bottom to start.