IOS 10 Ready To App Developers — What Is Interesting?

With implementation of the IOS 10, users can secure multiple benefits which they have been eagerly waiting for since long. However, to deeply understand the modifications made and learn how to make best use of them, one certainly needs reliable expert assistance of best iPhone IOS development service online.

Get Benefited With IOS 10’s New And Exciting Features

Since a long period of time, Apple’s fans have eagerly waited for the release of IOS new version in order to make best use of new features and enjoy improved experience. Users are upgrading their iphones as they want to take advantage of excellent performance of new hardware and install best graphics apps. Now, it is important to find out what impact IOS 10 has on app developers and how one could use the new features in his favor. Well, the best answer of this question could be easily secured from iPhone IOS development professional who has years of experience in app development field and has deep knowledge on the subject.

Some changes to IOS 10 have been made which could allow developers to advertise in the App store. This way, one will know when users search for an app or a particular topic. So, plenty of companies will be able to take full advantage of this opportunity to dominate the advertising. Besides, IOS has new subscription features. Users are absolutely free to downgrade or upgrade subscriptions with ease without many headaches. Moreover, app developers could be allowed to set subscription price depending on the costs of their inputs on market basis. Apart from this, as the revenue share for long term subscription has been raised, customers will get extended free trials, lower prices and more interesting offerings.

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It has been made possible for incoming calls to be displayed on the lock screen. Developers who have adopted CallKit will be able to give users the opportunity to use their mobile app to make calls from native phone app’s favorites, recents, etc. Besides, Siri’s, the digital assistance that performs various tasks based on voice commands, support has been extended for photo search, message, and even phone calls. It is great to hear Siri’s voice in different platforms. One more benefit is that app developers can use messaging API and build custom stickers and many more to introduce them into messaging environment. Many such interesting features are making custom iPhone app development more popular among increasing number of users around the globe. With IOS 10, users will be able to do a lot more.

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