Website Speed Test by Cloudinary

If you want your customers to stay with you, your website needs to be as fastest as possible. Not only is a speedy website an art to have but a requisite these days.

Users are time savvy & a slow speed website can turn out to be a time wastage option for them, resulting in huge revenue loss & no-credibility in return for business. Note that the search engine now factors website speed into search results and you can better realize how significant load times are and how critical they will be.

Cloudinary has just released in market as an amazing novel tool that has the capability to better analyze a webpage itself and gives out an in-depth report of instant wins that your site could add by image optimization, a task for which Cloudinary is made for.

Let’s look what does this Cloudinary’s — the new Image Analysis Tool, brings in for our web developers:

It’s Just a Two Way Click

Step: 1 Beating on the Image Analysis Tool Website and Providing Your Website URL:

Cloudinary right away pulls out your website and picture out all images, taking into report: browser, image type/format, screen DPI, location, and many more. The result is a detailed report provided back to you which is incredible.

Step: 2 Every Image Is Displayed With a Grade and Synopsis of Possible Savings:

For every of the analyzed image, Cloudinary provides thorough grading and guidelines on how the XYZ image could be made better.

The Cloudinary’s website analysis tool is effortless simply as you have seen above & it is clear and pretty insightful. It’s not possible to spot the exhaustive asset report and not immediately want to do something to lesser your image footprint, if only just to make it optimize for your target device or browser.

The fact

Although, the truth is that image size improvement methods are numerous with all being better than best with a relief cut for all devices and browsers but Cloudinary being the extreme! Give it a try out!