Here is something you must be tired of hearing: Content is the most vital part of most digital marketing strategies. On social media, posting consistently is a must to reach your target audience. On your website, content drives in organic traffic which you can control to a great extent. However, It is sometimes hard to keep up with a content schedule, especially if you run your initiative on your own. The good news is that learning how to do content curation will help with both your communication and your time constraints.

Content curation takes less time than creating original work…

Have you ever had a hard time trying to unsubscribe from a service or email list? Or have you even received ads and emails that you did not remember signing up for? These are just a few examples of how dark patterns work, one of the most annoying and deceptive occurrences on the internet. If you would like to know more about what exactly they are and how they damage your brand, simply read on.

What are dark patterns?

Dark patterns are particularly chosen and carefully crafted interface designs online created to trick users into doing something they may not want to do. This…

Community managers and members interacting

Having a well-designed website is a smart way to start building your online presence. But how can you retain the attention of your audience and improve your ROI in the long term? Investing in online community management means strengthening your bond with your target audience to develop a profitable long-term bond.

Why is community management important?

Good online community management is what differentiates highly-converting digital strategies from ineffective ones. People are bombarded with automated messages, telephone calls, and unsolicited emails every day. Most of them do not offer actual solutions for their wants or needs, which leads to seeing these messages as sources of frustration…

The coronavirus, also known under the acronym COVID-19, has been wreaking havoc all over the planet for many weeks now. It has made it necessary for governments around the world to respond with drastic measures: the enforcement of social-distancing rules (e.g., staying at home; keeping your distance from strangers, friends, and even your family; etc.), lockdowns of non-essential facilities such as restaurants, and an increased police presence to make sure citizens stick to these regulations. However scary and difficult these measures may appear, they all serve a commendable purpose: to save lives and to curb the spread of the virus.


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