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This is absolute nonsense. Trumps meeting with Japanese PM is unofficial. Trump is yet to sworn in as president and he is free to let his daughter and family attending the unofficial visit of a Japanese official visiting at his home. Also, if you look on the history of American Presidents, there are many rich presidents who amassed wealth during presidency, before and after. Our first president George Washington estate in todays dollars is half a billion dollars. Bill Clinton net worth is 50 million. Did he amass this money as a practicing attorney or as a president. We have chosen a billionaire businessman as the president. Now we expect him to liquidate all his life long commitment and put it in a trust ? He did what he could. He handed over to his children and so that he can stay away his self interests and serve the nation. It is too naive to expect that there is no impact to his business from he being the president. It will have a positive impact. Just like how the stock market has gone up after elections. Also when we speak of true democracy, people who are close to the president have the right to be in the political field if the choose. Hillary Clinton, George Bush and tomorrow Michelle Obama are few examples. Let has have some open mind and look at the bright side of the world. Let us stop wining about things that make no sense. I believe he will make one of the finest presidents of the United States.

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