How upside-down design can increase smartphone usability

10 years after Steve Jobs introduced the very first iPhone and 10 days before the iPhone X will be announced, it is time to take a look at what happened in between. And by “in between” I am referring to the area between the right side and the left side of the device: The screen.

Undoubtedly, smartphones have evolved quite a bit over the last decade. But not just functionality has increased, screen size did, too.

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image by Alex Barredo (source)

With the screens, the devices surrounding them have also grown bigger, human hands however did not change alike. Therefore holding a 3.5 inch phone…

A long story about capturing a short moment

Earlier this year, I stumbled upon a fascinating photograph by German-born photographer Evelyn Hofer (1922–2009). The picture below is part of a series that she took in 1966 for the book “Dublin: A Portrait”. While Hofer contributed images, the British author Sir Victor Sawdon Pritchett wrote about the land and people of Dublin.

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Evelyn Hofer — Dublin Sky, 1966

The idea

As much as I was impressed by the picture itself, there was more to it. I soon realised that I am not only sharing the same nationality with the photographer but also happen to be living in Dublin exactly 50 years after the photo was taken. …

Benjamin J. Richter

design enthusiast & user experience explorer

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