Custom CRM development — How to develop your own CRM system

Salesforce failed you? There’s plenty of reasons why you want to build out a custom CRM system tailored just for your company.

No CRM fits all. in fact most CRM software providers and vendors found a way to make their products work for everyone (just good enough) but never satisfy everyone. Many businesses find that their workflow is quite unique, different, and requires a proprietary in-house custom CRM software that fits their needs.

For example: Bank of BNP Paribas has developed their own unique Custom CRM platform for their employees:

Custom CRM platform
Custom CRM development

Why do you need custom CRM development?

Maybe you want to store certain data pieces in a different way, maybe you need custom buttons that perform special actions. maybe you need something super simple that you team can get the hang of in an hour. there’s a thousand reasons why a custom CRM is the only way to go.

Advantages of developing a custom CRM

  • You get a friendly, lightweight user experience tailored for your company. The custom CRM fits your business like a well-fitting glove with no useless features that distract your team or half-usable components that barely satisfy your needs.
  • You no longer muck around with a dozen plugins to achieve one thing
  • Speedy employee onboarding, a standard CRM is heavy and loaded with features you absolutely don’t need, thus making the learning curve even steeper for your team.
  • Easily extend and add new features at a later stage when you need them, you own the software so you have the complete authority and freedom to make it do what you want.
  • Cost effective, in a way you only pay for an upfront development cost, and a small monthly server hosting bill.

How much does it cost to develop a custom CRM?

It depends on the complexity you require. but generally prices go from $20k to $100k for a super tailored customer relationship management system.

How can I find a company to develop my CRM?

What you’re looking for is a development company specialized in web application development. Forget native software, most modern CRM’s are web-based applications that you can access with just a browser. Your employees are used to web browsers, not to clunky windows software that looks to be made in the 90s.

👩‍💻 Need a custom CRM built?

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