Top 5 web application development companies & firms — Best developers in 2020

Top 5 web application development agencies & companies

We cover the top web app developers, agencies, and firms that can help you build a web application tailored to your needs.

Web application development is certainly not easy, it’s a niche specialty that requires attention to detail and a vast knowledge in user experience and behavior.

Top 5 web application development companies, firms, and agencies with experience in (React, Node JS, Vue, Laravel, Ruby, Python, and User Interface design)

1. MojoLab — Web app developer & UI Designer

Web app developer & UI/UX designer with experience in SaaS

2. CygnisMedia — Build intelligent apps

Web development agency located in the United States

3. Selleo — Custom software development firm

Web app developers in Poland specialized in custom software

Bonus Slide: The lifecycle of web application development.

Hire web application development companies

4. RapidOps— Enterprise Apps for Web & Mobile

Enterprise web application development company

5. WillowTree — Web application development company

Web development company with mobile app development experience

How much does it cost to develop a web application?

It really depends. a web app can cost from $10k to $100k and even beyond for certain large scale and enterprise applications.

How long does it take to build a web application?

Again, it varies from vendor to vendor. a small web app could take maybe a month, but a larger one could extend to 3, 6 months or even a year in a certain cases.

How much upfront do you pay to a web developer?

Most web development firms ask for a 50% deposit and the rest you pay when the project’s completed. However some developers may ask for less or more percentage. This will be set on stone in your contract.

What tech stack should we go with?

Get your advice from the developers. what you think is best might not really be the best option for what you want to build.

Benefits of web application development.

Web applications and PWAs are becoming very popular as more companies are moving away from buggy, outdated desktop software they’ve been running for a decade.

  1. Avoid issues with compatibility by having users run one latest version
  2. Eliminate IT security processes. Users can run your web app on any browser with no extra privileges.
  3. Reduce cost and burden on your support and maintenance team by removing potential tech issues that come out of legacy desktop software.

Differences between a web app and a website

Web apps utilize more features than websites do, web apps can access features on your device such as the camera, gyroscope, and push notifications. This leads to a more native app experience, but with all the benefits of the web like speed and accessibility.

Challenges of progressive web app development

Progressive web apps can be tricky to develop because they use many new services implemented in the JavaScript language. Service workers are really what turns a website into a web-app on mobile devices service workers can send push notifications to the user even when the app is not open in the browser. Service workers run separately from the main application. They are how the web app, the browser, and the server communicate with each other.

Choosing a web app development company

If developing a web app sounds like a task that your team cannot undertake right now there are many companies that can develop web apps for you. The challenge will be finding out exactly which custom software development company to choose.

  1. Portfolio. Previous work speaks louder than words, you can really tell if a company’s good by the problems they undertook and how they solved them for their clients.
  2. Technology. Be sure they are not working with super outdated technology that you’ll have a hard time acquiring talent to develop your project further. Nowadays most web apps use frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue JS to create a state of the art user experience.

Choosing the best framework for your web app

There are many frameworks that can make a great web app such as React, Vue, and Angular. These frameworks share one thing, they make it very easy to manipulate a webpage. They all have great starting points for web apps such as Vue or React, etc. How does one choose? My recommendation is to go with what your developer knows, or what they are most comfortable with. If they do not know any of the frameworks the quick rundown is Vue is great for beginners as it is very close to vanilla JavaScript, they are not owned by a major company and is community-driven. React is made by Facebook and is almost always the first to get new features or updates, but that means it is rapidly changing and it uses JSX (JavaScript XML) which can look a bit intimidating at first. Angular is made by Google and is a more complete package meaning certain development options are picked by default it uses the TypeScript which makes code easier to debug and can use newer features of JavaScript while supporting most older browsers.

Ruby on Rails development

Ruby on Rails is a popular server side framework that makes some general choices for the developer like security should be ‘on’ by default, and code should never be repeated over and over.

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