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  • Exploritech set up shop in 1998 in Naples, Florida, quickly becoming the go to digital agency in Southwest Florida for website design, web development and digital marketing.
  • When we started, the web was just learning to stand on its own two feet. Google was becoming the new darling, there was no Twitter or Facebook, no YouTube or LinkedIn, no Instagram — the possibilities were endless.
  • Years later, we are still inspired by the dynamic way in which the web continues to evolve, and we’re always on the lookout to see what’s around the next digital corner.
  • Our team is an eclectic mix of enthusiastic web savvy geeks with mad skills in a variety of disciplines. Although we are known for our digital smarts, we are also inventors, creators, and storytellers. We are obsessed with creating user friendly websites that are provocative, ignite meaning, increase traffic, generate revenue, and build strong brand recognition.
  • We provide web solutions to businesses of all sizes from around the world, providing bespoke website solutions in almost every industry.
  • We are proud to boast that our collective core values have remained intact; create long term relationships, over deliver, be bold, honest, and imaginative. Best of all, we keep things simple and our customers love our fresh approach and the ease with which we operate.
  • If you’d like to talk with Exploritech about your online project, we’re all ears and full of great ideas for your next step on the web.
  • We Create Websites People Love!
  • Word On The Street Check The Goods

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