Day 2: Andelabs Challenges

Everything was going well in the bootcamp. We had everything set up for the 2 week bootcamp. Our communication channels were up and running. We knew our teammates by name and we used the slack handles to exchange and engage with each other. The main challenge of the day came in a runtime error issue with Andelabs. Everytime I tried to submit my code for tests or submission. I would get the message; “ Error occured running script”. I believed it was a system overload with all boot campers submitting at the same time.

I informed Loice who was my LFA(Learning Facilitator). I also raised the issue in the openandela slack handle. I was directed by Morris (@monk) one of our LFA’s that the correct handle was #cohort17bootcamp. I found out that some of my fellow bootcampers were encountering the same problem. Since we had a set time limit for deliverables.

This was very frustrating but we finally agreed that we would push the completed Andelab quizzes to our github accounts and then share the url on our respective Trello boards. We had to wait for the issue to be resolved. Day 2 ended well. I can’t wait for the team project on Friday. Bring it on Day 3.

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