DAY 3: API Nightmare

Day 3 of the bootcamp proved to be a major challenge. The quizzes were fine but creating a simple command line application proved to be a major headache for me. I did not know where to start so I googled API and the search results brought mainly the google based API’s.

The signing up process for the google API was unsuccessful as my debit card could not be verified. I had no idea why that happened. I also found that the google API route was winding and very confusing and the help articles were not very helpful. The assumption of the writers at google was that everyone who visited the page was not a beginner.

I also came to understand that I had to use a python-enabled API. Python couldn’t connect with some API’s . This was a challenge to search for a free and open API that could work with python. This is the part which slowed me down.

I had to look for a new API. I tried the Locu API for restaurant listing but I couldn’t find the sign up button. I searched online but there was no remedy. I finally settled on Zomato API which is a restaurant API. I signed up and had my API Key but I couldn’t find the search console to get my API url to use in my code.

I eventually found it in the documentation just below API credentials. I now had my API url but when I did a search query I got the following message: {“code”:403,”status”:”Forbidden”,”message”:”Invalid API Key”}. This was all new to me but I was determined to make it work. My deadline for submission had elapsed. I was still trying to make it work.

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