Black Friday Email Marketing


Is Black Friday right for your business?

Black Friday, Black Week, Cyber Sale week, whatever you decide to call it, it’s a special deal, discounting frenzy. It seems that the thing to do, follow the lead of others rather than do something a bit special and stand out.

Of course the customers expect this to happen, and that impacts behaviour. Why would I buy on a Tuesday when the sign in the window says it’s going to be cheaper a few days later?

It’s a cyber distraction. Black Friday started as a flash sale. It was never expected to become ‘the retail’ event. A flash sale is best when it’s just that, a flash. Unexpected. A grab it while you can phenomenon.

Apparently a backlash against Black Friday is gaining some traction — #nodimeday, but Black Friday is now a strong ‘brand’ in itself, so if you are “in business” (that means B2B as well as B2C) then Black Friday is a marketing event to take advantage of. But if you do, just remember to be relevant.


Black Friday Email Marketing, the inbox event of the year

One thing, Black Friday does prove is the importance of email marketing. It works, and it’s the direct channel to your customers.

Black Friday email marketing is the inbox event of the year. But unfortunately it’s competitive, check out your inbox this week, it will be noisy, almost social media noisy.

Yes, you’ll have the messages you want from those trusted brands, but you’ll also have messages from those you hardly hear from. It will be filled with the retail equivalent of the facebook request from a friend of a friend or the linked-in requests from that person you met at a networking event in 2013.


Make customers for life not just for Black Friday

An old advert by the RSPCA in the UK had the slogan, ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. The same is true of your email marketing. If you are sending an ad hoc message to ‘shake some sales’ from an old email mailing list, you might get a bit of success, but it will be no-where close to a business that uses email marketing to it’s full potential.

So don’t just turn on Black Friday Email Marketing. Make email marketing a key part of your marketing plan. You collect customer data every day you are in business. Use this information to understand more about your customers.

How much they spend.

How often they spend.

What they buy.

Mix that with email marketing and you can create a marketing process that links directly to the activity of your customers. Some call that being customer centric. We think it’s just a smarter way of doing business, use the information you already hold to get closer to your customers and build loyalty.

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Originally published at Websand.