Clint Cornell, MS PA-C Personal Introduction.

I come to you from the great white north state of Michigan. Don’t hold it against me that I am a Michigan Fan… I came to Cincinnati several years ago for the same reason many men have done crazy things….a girl! My wife is a native “east sider” and graduate of Turpin High School. We met in the winter of 2006 and I have been chasing her ever since. I grew up in northern Michigan and was raised with small town values. We say what we mean, mean what we say, we treat people with respect and compassion and let our actions speak louder than our words.

I am a country boy and a farm kid….even at 43 years old. I am a conservationist and outdoors-man. You might spot some photos of my recent trips to Alaska, Michigan or Key West which depict just a few of my adventures. I am a family man with a wife and six children. My wife is a 4th grade school teacher and occasionally fills the role as my wellness coach. You may have the opportunity to speak with her regarding diet, nutrition and strategies to achieve a higher level of wellness. Our children are involved in numerous activities such as soccer, football, cross country, theater and music. They are six of the most intelligent and amazing people I know. If you ever meet them, you will undoubtedly be impressed…not that I’m biased!

I hope this brief introduction will make you more comfortable when you consider coming to the office and meeting me in person. I also hope it will provide some insight to how I practice medicine and how you will be treated as a patient of mine at Peak Performance Medical.