Clint Cornell PA-C:

I provide family medicine, urgent care and integrative health. I am also a provider with Peak Performance Medical, a direct primary care and integrative medicine practice located in Cincinnati Ohio. Before I tell you about the practice and how we serve our patients, let me tell you about myself.

Clint Cornell PA-C come to Cincinnati with almost 17 years of clinical family medical experience. Prior to that, I worked as a paramedic for almost 10 years. I have expertise in a variety of health problems including diabetes, lipid (cholesterol) disorders, thyroid disease, hormone optimization with testosterone replacement, medical weight loss and a variety of other conditions. My training and experience allows me to provide comprehensive care to you and your family which minimizes the need to refer you to specialists.

I also have special training in procedural medicine. I am able to remove skin lesions, cysts and obtain biopsies which identify potentially cancerous skin conditions. I perform a variety of therapeutic injections including certain nerve blocks, trigger point and joint injections. I am trained in Botox therapy, testosterone pellet insertion and platelet rich plasma. I perform cosmetic procedures including Botox, collagen fillers, micro needling and sclerotherapy.

Simply put, you will not find a more well-rounded and versatile primary care provider.

I am a country boy and a farm kid….even at 43 years old. I am a conservationist and outdoors man. You might spot some photos of my recent trips to Alaska, Michigan or Key West which depict just a few of my adventures. I am a family man with a wife and six children. My wife is a 4th grade school teacher and occasionally fills the role as my wellness coach. You may have the opportunity to speak with her regarding diet, nutrition and strategies to achieve a higher level of wellness. Our children are involved in numerous activities such as soccer, football, cross country, theater and music. They are six of the most intelligent and amazing people I know. If you ever meet them, you will undoubtedly be impressed…not that I’m bias!

On a more serious note, practicing medicine is not simply a job for me. It is part of how I define myself and it is the conduit for my legacy. I believe that a legacy is not built upon the number of dollars in our accounts or the acquisition of cool gadgets or shiny toys. I believe it is based upon our character, values and the efforts we expend building up others. Our children and those we have touched will be our only voice once we have departed this world and I live every day considering what they will say when I am gone.

My career in medicine has not always been so wonderful. As many in healthcare, I reached a point of frustration and possible burn out. I felt that my ability to make a difference had hit a wall. I have seen healthcare politicized, abused and transformed into another segment of corporate America. Where patients became numbers and a means to build empires called hospital system, health network, HMO and others. With the introduction of the Health Care Affordability Act (aka, Obamacare), the system hit a tipping point. One involving tremendous over reach of Federal and State governments, a system set on destroying the independent medical practice and a move toward a true single payer system. These agendas are on target to destroy all that made American health care great.

Enter in Direct Primary Care. A few years ago, my dad sent me a Time Magazine article that reported on a group of physicians who had formed a new model of healthcare delivery. One that intentionally excluded any and all health insurances. The article discussed a medical practice called “Atlas MD” and as I read about the model and investigated more, I knew that I was hearing a new calling in my life. As you read about direct primary care, I hope you will see how free, independent and cost effective this model is compared to the existing insurance based model.

You have choices with who and where you go for medical care. You are not a number and you are worth more than the five minutes a typical doctor will give you. I hope you will consider calling Peak Performance Medical and giving me the opportunity to provide that care.

Until the fight is won,