Trust Partners you should not trust !

Welcome PAON, the Proof of Activity Opened Network.

Paon is the french word for Peafowl

Get Proof of Activity for your Business !

Yesterday, a friend of mine, an insurer agent who was a business partner (I used to do web marketing for him for a 30% commission rate), called me after he changed company because he discovered that his new company has very competitive offers and he thinks I could help them to sell much more with little or my web marketing skills.

Use of a network that has built-in proof of communication!

I realized that, starting from the release 1.8.1, the crypto-currency NXT offers me directly what I need.

You have the physical and mathematical proof that the information was recorded at that time, and to do be recorded, one had to know the secret key of the emitting account.

If, in addition to this, both parties have previously signed a contract (blockchain based or not) that stipulates that each participant is legally responsible of the integrity of the secret key (which is reasonable agreement to obtain if the contract also describes a protocol to change a working account if an honest party believe it’s key is compromised), then, you really have set up, in no time, a proof of communication channel.

Partners that do not trust each others can now do business that requires trust !

New business can emerge. Companies can now look for partners everywhere, whether they are producer, distributor, or just a marketing medium.

What if I want to sell for them instead of sending leads ?

In fact, their product is so good (simple and very competitive price) that it is very inefficient to send them leads while I could ask people to pay up-front as a mechanism to sign the contract. I could then send the client info to the company, and they would send their classical insurance contract confirmation to the client.

Creator of a Free Blockchains Notary Bot. After 15 years in e-Business, I now believe CryptoCurrencies will make the network backbone of anarchy.

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