5 Easy Steps for Cloning Debate

Have something to bring on the table about the biggest issues of the world? Debate.org would definitely love to hear those. Debate is an online platform where intelligent minds around the universe flock to read member’s opinions and start debate online. You can begin a debate, create polls, and discuss anything from politics, education, religion, and more.

If you change your mind you can learn how to clone apps like guvera.

Why Debate Cloning is Common Today?

Debate provokes interaction between members and collaborators so no wonder why webmasters and marketers are eyeing to create similar website. Below are features that spice up the Debate.org.

  • The specialized menu for debates, opinions, forums, and polls made it easier for members and visitors to access their topics of interest.
  • Signing up as a member has two options, either you sign in using Facebook, Twitter, or Google, or provide your unique e-mail address and password, which is a bit lengthy process.
  • Everyone around the globe is welcome to join Debate and voice out their opinions anything relevant.

Debate, having a nice, compelling concept, receives great traffic everyday that’s why others are envy of the attention are getting. So, find out how to clone website like this.

What Are the Steps in Cloning Debate?

If you want to start Debate cloning, I will walk you through steps to making it happen. Here are 5 online scripts to use.

  1. SocialScript: It is search engine and user friendly script with automated solutions designed for small and big scale businesses. You can tweak and customize the site depending on your need.
  2. Jamroom: Allows you to create unique and flexible community platforms with dozens of skins and modules available.
  3. Dolphin: A community- building script used by online clubs, social networks, local communities, and professional online groups.
  4. Etano: A SEO –friendly script that builds community website with unique AJAX messenger, vBulletin phpBB2, smf and more.
  5. CliServ: Create a community accessible over a web connection and is coded in PHP.

Follow steps for cloning debate, start your own community platform, and have fun interaction with intellectual people around the world!

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