How to Clone Apps Like Guvera

Stream your most popular songs for free with the Guvera playlist. They handpicked the best local and international music to give you a bodacious streaming experience. The playlists were collated by talented and expert music curators making it easier to discover, manage, and share. Guvera also showcases and supports local talents and artists. It’s now easier to streamline your music as Guvera creates your unique playlist.

This is no wonder why most webmasters like to clone websites or create music apps like Guvera.

Why Create Music Sites Like Guvera?

Guvera organizes your music collection for free and legally. To create your own unique music player, consider these following features to add on your app or website.

  • Guvera is available on-site and offsite. You can access Guvera through their website or you can download the app from Google Play, App store, or Amazon. It is available on Android, iPad, iPhone.
  • Guvera offers more than 30 million legal and free music and entertainment in 20 countries.
  • Guvera has “music channels” where customers can access their music based on moods and genres they love.

How to Clone Apps like Guvera?

Start creating your own music platform and help local artists get discovered and promoted. Here are 2 clone scripts to use.

  1. Beatz

Coded in Mysql, Php, and Creative Commons GPL Licensed, Beatz’ helps you create a website featuring local artists and bands, and international favorites. This script is a networking and sharing platform to jumpstart local careers.

You can also learn about main points of making Anyvan clone website.
  1. Music Portal and Marketplace

Create a Guvera inspired music portal with the flexible and powerful Inout Music. Start your passion and build your business around music, and help promote local artists and singles anywhere in the world. The clone script is PHP coded. Price varies for small startups and medium business owners.

Set the music free and help promote fresh artists at your own music Apps like Guvera!

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