How to Do Anyvan Clone

If you are looking for a courier to help you transfer or deliver furniture and large or small items to certain locations, the Anyvan is here. Anyvan connects you to thousand of trusted courier service companies within UK or anywhere abroad. You will be given access to network of reliable transporters at competitive quotations. Compare and choose among these couriers and get your items transported safely. So, if you want to clone website, you can choose this one.

Why Do AnyVan Clone?

AnyVan website includes several modules allowing customers to easily access transporters without hassle. Below are the features of AnyVan that you want to clone.

  1. Customers can easily create list jobs for couriers to make quotations.
  2. Transporters can conveniently bid on list jobs they are interested.
  3. Transporters can directly contact client to accordingly set up schedule of delivery.
  4. Clients can provide feedback about the transporters service and recommend them to a friend.

With all these 4 top features of AnyVan, collaboration between clients and transporters is swift.

What is the Step-by-Step Process of AnyVan Clone?

Use the following scripts to clone AnyVan website.

  1. Uship Clone Script

Uship is a clone script that helps create your own courier online business. Besides the common website design of AnyVan, you can improve and add more features necessary to optimize your site.

This clone script has several features including online booking, payment gateway, and customer and transporter login and account. You can compare quotations and check payment and shipment status as well. Moreover, your website is mobile responsive.

Also, if you are interested in this, you can find more information about Teespring clone.
  1. UBER clone script

Another script to clone courier sites like AnyVan is the UBER. It has tons of powerful features helping you choose your website design and service offerings. With just simple, easy steps, you can have your own courier service website.

Use any of these two AnyVan clone scripts to get started of your business. Good luck!

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