The Best Way to Do Your Weebly Clone

The blogosphere is becoming saturated nowadays and the need for a new platform for bloggers will be helpful to release the clog in a website. Website like is one of the best platforms bloggers, writers, and online marketers used to share opinions and write their thoughts.

In Weebly, you’ll be able to create your own website and design it depending on your preference and need. Designing your website will be hassle- free as you can just drag and drop images at your Weebly account.

If you are into selling some items and services, Weebly is a great eCommere platform, too. Many have become successful in their business with this so it’s a real good deal to invest time and effort making a Weebly- inspired website. So let’s learn what are the features of this particular website clone.

What are Weebly’s Modules?

If you’re planning to create Weebly clone, it’s not enough that you know only about the site. You should dig deeper and discover what it can offer. Weebly has variety modules that you want to copy. The following are the modules you should not forget when you clone website software.

  1. Paragraph with Title
  2. Paragraph with picture
  3. Picture
  4. Title
  5. Paragraph
  6. Video
  7. Contact Form
  8. Multiple Columns
  9. Custom HTML
  10. Button
  11. Photo Gallery
  12. Slideshow
  13. File
  14. Audio Player
  15. Embedded Document
  16. Flash
  17. Google Maps
  18. YouTube Video
  19. Feed Reader
  20. And more
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How to Clone Weebly?

You can clone weebly in just few clicks using the Webbxyz script. It is website builder software that creates static and simple website and e-commerce as well. No need for technical programming stuffs because this software works efficiently to build your page. Just like the original Weebly, it has drag and drop feature, images, texts, youtube videos, and other basic tools necessary for a website.

To be sure your Weebly clone is perfect, use our service today!

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