Analyse popularity of social media business before making your social media clone

What is Social media marketing or social media optimization?

Social media marketing is the way to promote business and increase traffic on website from popular social media sites. Social media marketing process basically focus on sharing information about products and services, features and usefulness to create brand awareness with broad social media marketplace.

Social media optimization means join different popular social media platforms and increase community through profile or business pages and increase awareness of product, brand and event with wide public.

Why Social media marketing most popular for any business

In world thousands of social media websites contains millions of users and every day it increasing. So it is the perfect place for each business to advertise their business and find target audience of their business. Most of social media websites offers free facility to use all features so it is the best free source of effective advertising.

Due to more demand of social media websites many entrepreneurs have develop their own social media platform and become a part of huge social media marketplace. If you have also plan to run your own online business then social media is the best choice for you.

Now on web NCrypted is the leading solution to get customized social media clone of popular websites like Facebook Clone, Twitter Clone, LinkedIn Clone, YouTube Clone, Pinterest Clone etc. It also offers readymade Social Media Script and social network script which contains advanced features and custom made functionalities. You can also get customized Social Media Website Design and social networking website design to give eye catchy extra ordinary look to your social media portal. But before developing your own social media platform you have to know the importance of social media.

Growing importance of social media websites among businesses

Social media marketing become primary need of each business. It is the most effective part of online marketing strategy because from here business owners are able to find their target audience quickly to increase ROI.

* Effective and zero cost advertising

Social media contains large number of users globally so it is the right place to find target customers in very less time and less efforts. According to Forbes, 94 % of businesses are using social media and out of them 85% given review that their business get more exposure after using social media for business marketing.

* Easily find customers from social media

One survey says that around more than half population of world are using different social media platforms, so it increases the possibility to find targeted customers on social media websites. According to eMarketer 1.74 billion users are using social media due to that reason social media plays a crucial role in acquiring customers for the businesses. In 2013, 52% of marketers acquired customers via Facebook, 43% from LinkedIn and 36% via Twitter.

* Businesses direct interact with customers from Social media

Social media helps to each business to direct interact with their customers can get feedback, ratings and reviews about their products and services. Entrepreneurs are getting reviews about their products and services by creating surveys, question & answers, polls etc. 53% of businesses are using social media as a two way conversation and engagement tool as per Socialmediatoday.

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