Important features of Facebook Clone Script developed by NCrypted

Facebook is widely used social networking website on web. It contains millions users globally and everyday it is increasing. Facebook earns huge income from paid advertisements. From world each business is using Facebook for social media promotion. It is the free and effective source of online marketing.

Due to huge popularity on web many Facebook Clone are rising and almost are earning huge income. To reach huge demand many website development companies started servicing of readymade Facebook Clone Script. Only right Facebook Clone Script gives surety of success. If you have plan to run your own social network platform then start business with launching Facebook Clone.

NCrypted offers advanced Facebook Clone Script to develop strong social network platform which helps you to cover huge part of broad social networking marketplace.

Here are listed core features of Facebook Clone Script of NCrypted

Personalized user dashboard

Users can able to customize their profile and add all personal information like Name, Education qualification, relationship status, description about self, share hobbies or likes, list out interesting movies, list out interesting songs album, list of favourite TV programs etc…

Manage friend list and invite other users to join

User can able to find their old friends, colleagues and relatives and also see their friends list. This is the only reason behind the huge success of social networking websites. Users can able to manage their friend list. Users have full authority to enable or disable to their friends list for other users. User can invite their friends by their email address.

Sharing information on customized wall

User can customize their wall as per they like by adding profile photo and cover photos. On wall user can able to share images, videos, different links, articles, blog post, etc.

Instant messaging service

Communication is the core part of popular social networking websites, so powerful communication gives an extra ordinary experience to your users. Facebook Clone Script also contains instant messaging feature for better communication with their friends or connections.

Create and manage events and invite other users to participate

User can able to create event with setting up time & date, add event description, event tags so other users can easily find it. User can also invite different friends to participate in particular event.

Create groups or community to share views on same interest

User can able to develop groups or community where different users can participate and share their views on different topics. Like on SEO related communities different users ask question about SEO and other SEO expert group members give answers.

Make comment and like post to express feeling

Comment and like feature is widely popular in each social networking website so it is most used by different users to express their feelings on different photos, videos, articles or any other sharing content.

Activity feeds and news feeds

From here user can get updates about different activities which is shared by their friends or connections. User can block any post from their wall so their other friends can’t view it.

Create and Mange business page

User can able to create and manage their business pages and invite other users to like or follow their page so when user can share do any activity on their business pages wall following users can get notification.

NCrypted also offers customized Facebook Clone so you can add your niche market ideas into your social network platform. If you want to give amazing look to your social network platform then buy customized Social Networking Website Design from NCrypted.