Important features of successful Social Network Script of NCrypted

Social media websites importance increase every day. Each business is using it to promote their products and services on the web. Each field cut throat competition available and still it is rising day by day so in future significance of social media websites will increase. Many entrepreneurs have started their own social media websites and become part of the huge social media marketplace. Making a clone of popular websites is the recent trend to start a secure online business. If you analyse on the internet then you will find many similar websites of many popular social networking or social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest etc…

Most popular website clone for social networking is Facebook Clone, Twitter Clone, LinkedIn Clone, and Pinterest Clone. On the web many website development companies are offering Social Network Script or social media script to build own social network platform. Many companies are offering at low price where many others are offering social network script at a higher price. But the difference is almost a low price script offers limited features and very tough to edit and customize as per your needs. So better to use good social network script which gives you as much as possible features which satisfies all of your needs and wants.

Now on web NCrypted is one of the leading website clone development company which offers 85+ customized website clones of popular websites and also offer readymade website clone script to start rapid business at affordable rates. It offers many customized social networking clone or social media clone like Facebook Clone, Badoo Clone, Netlog Clone, LinkedIn Clone, Twitter Clone, Pinterest Clone, DeviantART Clone, and Flickr Clone or if you would like to buy any popular social media website readymade script then NCrypted also offers it.

Customized Social network clone gives you an opportunity to include all your ideas into your dream social network platform. NCrypted have a readymade social network script to when it customized social network clone for you it only takes time to customize as per your requirements. So it saves time to make your dream social network portal.

Here are listed some of features of Social network script of NCrypted

* User friendly functionalities

Social network script of NCrypted contains user friendly features and functionalities so any types of users can easily handle it and use it to fulfil their different purposes.

* SEO friendly URLs

SEO is the foremost necessary part of any website to get more visitors and expand their business. Social network script of NCrypted includes SEO friendly URLs, so it helps to get good ranking in popular search engines.

* Advanced Message Board

From the message board, your users can chat with their friends, family, colleagues and other connected people. Share their ideas with similar interest persons.

* Custom Widgets

It contains many in-built custom widgets like make photo cube, send cards, countdown timer and add borders in photos.

* Customized User Dashboard

From a user friendly and customized user dashboard your users can add their all information such as profile photo, profile cover photos, name, education details, relationship status, contact information, business or job information and many more.

* Create Group or Participate in other groups

It includes facilities to create unlimited groups and invite other users to join it and share their interest or participate in different topics. Users can able to make group and also become a part of other groups or community.

* Statistics of Profile Visitors

It provides full statistics to your users who are visiting their profile, how many people like, share and comment and their photos, videos or other information.

* Customized Admin Panel and User friendly CMS.

You can manage everything from custom made admin panel and user friendly CMS. So to handle or to make any change from admin side is very easy, you don’t need any technical knowledge for it.

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