Setting up your photo sharing platform by using Pinterest Clone Script of NCrypted

Why Pinterest is most popular photo sharing website

The thought of a social web stage that permits you to correspond with pictures is a very simple one, and Pinterest have prepared platform which includes full of fun, humour, plans and thoughtfulness. Pinterest is a basically photo sharing social media portal which offers facility to share all types of images online. From world many people are using it. Here they have to create different Pinboard to categorized and organized each pin or photos so others users can easily find their interest photos or follow Pinboard and get updates when new photos uploaded in Pinboard. With the help of powerful search option users can easily find useful pin from Pinterest. On Pinterest people make their personal or public Pinboard where they can upload different photos like making album in Facebook or other sites.

It is really true that great ideas comes from simplest ones, and the way that Pinterest has prove it by containing millions of users from all over the world and everyday it is rising. It earns worldwide popularity. From world many entrepreneurs followed emerging trend of social photo sharing websites and looking to develop similar website like Pinterest. If you analyse on web then you will find many Pinterest Clone on web which is same copy of Pinterest. And many of them are earning huge profile from their Pinterest Clone and become a part of huge photo sharing social media marketplace.

Utilizing a Pinterest Clone Script of NCrypted

It is a web based PHP Pinterest Clone Script which you can set up into your server to develop your own photo sharing social media website. Right Pinterest Clone Script gives an opportunity to build powerful photo sharing portal. A decent script will do all the diligent work for you, and you won’t need progressed HTML/CSS/PHP learning regardless of the fact that you are looking to customize the website design by changing single CSS document components. If you don’t have any technical knowledge then you not need to worry because it is very easy to install and develop your photo sharing portal. Pinterest Clone Script of NCrypted helps to make attractive website in very short period of time.

With a decent Pinterest Clone Script you will have the following features accessible to you,

Picture posting – Your users can use photo upload features in different formats, either by uploading photos from their computers, from an external URL picture or fetch from any web page link.

Personalization — Favourite pictures might be collected in an individual user board, with every user controlling who can post images to their board. Users can customize their profile with adding detailed information and give link to their website or popular social media profiles.

Commenting – Making comment or like to photos is becomes very common for each site to express filling by users. So comment feature is more useful by your users.

Zooming Photos – User can able to zoom photos and clearly view each part of images and also able to post link on images.

NCrypted also offers customized Pinterest Clone which gives an opportunity to include your niche market ideas and helps to build dream photo sharing portal. It also offers other social media clone like Flickr Clone, Facebook Clone, Twitter Clone, YouTube Clone, LinkedIn Clone, DeviantART Clone, TwitPic Clone etc…

If you want to give user friendly eye catchy look to your photo sharing portal then NCrypted also gives an option to choose customized Photo Sharing Website Design.

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